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Stress Management

How to Reduce, Prevent, and Cope with Stress It may seem that there’s nothing you can do about stress. The bills won’t stop coming, there will never be more hours in the day, and your career and family responsibilities will always be demanding. But you have more control than you might think. In fact, the […]

Sore Muscles

Different Types of Muscle Soreness If you’ve found yourself with sore muscles and have come here in search of relief – the first thing you should do is determine the cause of the soreness. Is it normal post-workout soreness or does it feel much worse than that? Normal, Post-Workout Muscle Soreness Many people who work […]

Epsom Salt Bath

As a massage therapist, I often recommend taking a Hot Epsom salt Bath after a massage because of several factors. One I have moved alot of metabolic waste as I manipulated the muscle tissues. Drinking water will help flush these toxins out, but you still may feel achey and sore for 24-48 hours after your […]

Deep Tissue Massage

In order to understand the many benefits of deep tissue massage, one must first have an understanding of what is meant by this type of alternative therapy. It is important to understand that “deep tissue massage”, also often referred to as neuromuscular therapy is not a “hard” massage per say, which is simply applying more […]

Ice Versus Heat

Ice versus heat? This is a common question a lot of athletes ask. Most understand that ice immediately after injury is very important. The questions usually revolve around when to use heat. There are some basic guidelines that every athlete can use to reduce confusion. Immediately ice the “fall down, go boom injuries.” Ice works […]

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