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Balancing Health, Diet & Exercise

A lot of people think it is hard to get and stay fit. Therefore, they don’t try to get fit because they think they won’t be able to in the first place. However, getting fit does not have to be hard, if you can simply balance your health, your diet and your exercising. Here are […]

Foam Rollers

The foam roller is a simple but incredibly effective tool for personal daily stretching, massage and pain management from muscular tightness and structural imbalances. What is a Foam Roller? The foam roller is exactly what is sounds like. A round, long piece of sturdy foam that you roll your body on. It looks like a […]

Ways to Relieve Stress

Many people find themselves feeling over-stressed. I know I do sometimes. When you are trying to juggle a career and spend quality time with your kids and still make time to clean and cook around the house, its no wonder that we get stressed out from time to time. Add in financial worries or health […]

Should a Massage Hurt

Many people believe that if the massage doesn’t hurt its not providing you with any therapeutic benefits. Others feel that massage should never hurt and that being sore after a massage is bad. It is my belief that both of these premises are false. What is Considered Pain During a Massage? First I would like […]

How to Relieve Muscle Soreness

What is the cause of a Muscle Soreness immediately after exercise? There is no sure shot answer to this commonly asked question. There are many different scientists and doctors who suggest various kinds of theories about this. However the most strongest of the theories is the study that indicates that this condition occurs due to […]

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